chainbGear Service ……… £20
Degrease and examine gearing system – Fit any components as needed – Reset front and rear gear shifters – Lubricate chain, cables, derailleurs, cranks and cogs.

Brake Service ……… £20
Clean and examine system for worn parts – Fit any parts as needed – Set up brakes – Lubricate cables/springs

Disc Brake Service ……… £30
Examine system for leaks/kinks – Replace pads if needed – Bleed system with new brake fluid – Straighten discs if bent – Set up brakes

Bike Service ……… £40
All the components on your bike are checked to ensure they operate correctly and safely. Front and rear gears are cleaned, degreased then re-setup and lubricated. Brakes will be inspected, cleaned and set up. (hydraulic brakes will be bled if needed for an additional fee) Hubs, headset and bottom bracket are checked and adjusted as required. Tyres will be inflated to the recommended pressure.

Strip and Rebuild Service ……… £100
A complete bike strip down and rebuild. The basic service plus the following… Wheels checked, tensioned and trued,  Hubs stripped and regreased, Bottom Bracket & pedals serviced if needed Headset is stripped down, degreased then greased back up. Suspension forks cleaned, inspected and adjusted

Wheel Service front and rear ……… £30
True and re-tension wheels – Strip hubs down, degrease all parts – Examine axles, bearings and hubs for wear – Fit new bearings as needed – Re fit with new grease

Headset Service ……… £15
Degrease headset, check bearings for wear – Replace bearings as needed – Re assemble with fresh grease

Suspension set/tune ……… £20
Set up to your individual requirements

Puncture Repair ……… £12
All puncture repairs include new tube

Gear or Brake Cable Replacement ……… £20

All aspects of bike repair covered.

Please call for anything not listed. Every repair job gets a free full bike safety check.